Turku Pride -viikon danceoketyöpaja // danceoke workshop

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Turku Pride -viikon danceoketyöpaja // danceoke workshop

August 19 @ 19:00 - 21:00

DJ Fake Fag vetää danceoketyöpajan Turku Pride -viikon maanantaina Kirjakahvilassa. Mikäli “tanssikaraoke”-settien kasaaminen kiinnostaa, tule ihmeessä kuulemaan lisää! Työpajaan mahtuu 5–10 henkeä, ilmoittautumiset sähköpostitse: distraction ÄT riseup PISTE net. Juttu aiheesta feat. DJ Fake Fagin haastattelu Tulva-lehdessä:

DJ Fake Fag hosts a danceoke workshop on the Turku Pride week Monday at Kirjakahvila. If you have ever thought of putting together your own “dance karaoke” set, or even if you haven’t, do join us! The workshop is limited to 5–10 attendees, sign up by email: distraction AT riseup DOT net.


Danceoke is kind of like karaoke, but instead of singing we dance, and unlike in karaoke, where you usually sing alone or with a single partner, in danceoke we all take the dancefloor together.

For some of us, it’s really difficult to dance publicly in clubs or other dance parties, especially if you feel awkward about your body, about the way you look and the way you move. It’s not just the cisheteropatriarchal mainstream clubs, but even in D.I.Y. queer feminist parties it can be hard to just let go and dance your heart out because of normative expectations. The pressure to look and act in a certain way, to know the “right” and “cool” ways of moving and dancing, can be extremely frustrating. There are many of us, who just can’t do it, not publicly.

In danceoke, we don’t really have to worry about anyone else anymore. Instead of staring at other people on the dancefloor, we all stare at the screen and try to copy the moves on the music videos or dance videos (or, if we don’t feel like dancing after all, we can just entertain ourselves by watching the videos, since they are usually kinda cool as it is!). We can just go for it, there’s no reason to be embarrassed anymore. Ideally, of course, so let’s all try to make it so! Do your best, do your worst, exaggerate, have fun!

In other words, danceoke is about reclaiming the dance floor, it’s about bodily empowerment, and it’s about community.



Turvallisemman tilan politiikka: Kunnioita jokaisen identiteettiä ja toiveita. Älä koske, tuijota, valokuvaa tai kysy henkilökohtaisia asioita ilman suostumusta. Käytä henkilöstä hänen toivomaansa nimeä ja pronominia. Jos joku tai jokin häiritsee sinua tai jos havaitset häirintää, ilmoita Kirjakahvilan henkilökunnalle.

Esteettömyydestä: Kirjakahvila sijaitsee Brinkkalan sisäpihalla, joka on päällystetty mukulakivillä. Kahvilatilaan on kaksi rappusta, ei ramppia. Kahvilassa on sukupuolittamattomat WC:t.

Tarkempia esteettömyystietoja:



Safer space policy: Respect everyone’s identity and personal wishes. Do not touch, stare, take pictures or ask personal questions without consent. Address everyone with the name and pronoun they use themself. If anyone or anything makes you feel uncomfortable or if you witness harassment, please contact the Kirjakahvila staff.

Accessibility: The Book Café is located at the Brinkkala courtyard, which is paved with round cobblestones. Two steps lead into the café. Toilets are not gendered.


August 19
19:00 - 21:00
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