A group of active citizens are behind Turku Pride. These activists have versatile backgrounds: NGO activists, parents, politicians, people from Turku, people from Helsinki, naturalized Finnish citizens, foreigners with residency, students, unemployed, people on sick leave, artists, gay, straight, cisgender, non-binary/genderqueer, transgender…

Pride is both a social and a very personal project. Someone wants a better world for their children, someone else likes the colour of Pride, and someone else might work on their life, thoughts and feelings through the project. Pride carries some unique meaning for each activist, and that’s how it should be.

Turku Pride is an open project. This means that all kinds of ideas are received and everyone has a place in Pride. The event is always an image of its makers. We – the organizers, supporters, sympathizers, marchers – we are Turku Pride. Welcome on board!

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