Turku Pride continues the gay pride tradition and the LGBT human rights movement that started in 1969 at Stonewall Inn, New York. Turku Pride is a demonstration, a commemoration of Stonewall, a meeting point and a party!

The Turku Pride slogan is “Permission to Love – Right to Exist”. You have the right to show your range of emotions at the march and other Pride events. However, remember to be polite and apologize if necessary. Cruel mud-slinging at Turku Pride events is strictly prohibited, but criticizing society isn’t – be creative! Getting personal is seldom necessary or classy. You are free to criticize policy definitions, acts or omissions of e.g. political parties or decision-makers, but please don’t berate anyone’s person or looks. Pathologizing stupidity is not tactful either because you can’t classify bad policy as a disease.

We always remember that discrimination is not allowed. We strive to upkeep a safe(r) space at all times. We don’t gender others or classify them in other ways against their will. If we make a mistake, we apologize and take care to use the right term in the future.

At Turku Pride, you can choose the flag under which you will march. Keep in mind though that Pride is a peaceful demonstration. This means that we respect public order and the security staff’s orders as well as the right to the physical and emotional security of our fellow marchers, the police and the public. We also take accessibility into account in our events and actions. We will only march on our pre-planned route.

Only those that have signed up as groups in advance and disclosed why they want to participate in Turku Pride will march as groups at Turku Pride. It is important to sign up in advance so that we can organize the march. We will not exclude any groups that respect the Pride principles and genuinely promote LGBT issues. There is also room for those who wish to walk and dance under a common flag, not in a specific group.

We abide by Finnish law during the march and do not overreact to possible verbal and/or physical attacks. The police will secure the march and will also have its own security. At some points on the route, the police will monitor public order and control traffic – and we shall respect police orders.

The groups and other marchers are free to carry their own banners. We will not censor them. However, the texts and images shall not insult any groups or persons in an inappropriate manner. We demand the recognition of LGBT human dignity and civil rights as we celebrate the second pride march in Turku. This is done by demanding rights, not by trampling on the rights of others.

Turku Pride is a major, colorful protest march and week-long celebration. It’s the best way to start autumn in Turku! We hope to see you there!

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