The march 2023

The protest march gathers at Vanha Suurtori (Old Citysquare) from 11 am. We start walking at 12 pm.

We arrive at Puolalanpuisto (Puolala Park) at approximately a little before 13 pm.

General advice regarding the parade

In the Pride Parade we take everyone into consideration, and we move at a slow pace, no need to rush. We make space for those who need it. We are visible and audible as ourselves!

The Parade’s accessibility information

Due to safety reasons the Parade route is published closer to Turku Pride Day (26.8).

The Parade route is made sure to be as obstacle free as possible, examples of this is that steep uphills or downhills, obstacles that are difficult to pass, very narrow spaces, stairs or high edges have all been avoided. There are possible kick scooters and bikes on the path which will be removed as the parade advances.

Please observe:

  • The route is approximately 2,6 km long
  • When Teatterisilta (Theather Bridge) is crossed, the protest march will temporarily be slightly narrower
  • At the end of Rauhankatu on Humalistonkatu there is a low and small street gutter on the ground
  • The Parade walks into the Puolalanpuisto on the right-hand side of the Taiteenpolku with a slight incline into the park
  • The inside of the park has more uneven terrain

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