Park Party 2023


Park party 13:00-16:00

The Park party starts at the arrival of the parade to the Puolalanpuisto, approxiamately at 13:00.


  1. Turku Pride’s board chairman Pinja Teponoja
  2. City mayor Minna Arve
  3. Tuseta’s chairman Kirsi Mikkonen
  4. Ukrainian LGBTQ+ – activist and feminist Tanya Gerasymva, Insight NGO
  5. On the topic of accessibility, experience expert Nelli Spännäri

Presenter: Jarkko Peltonen

Children’s program

Program for children will be held in the playground in the park. There will be an interactive exercise track, which is also suitable for children with special needs with the instructors help and with possibility for adapting tasks. Organizer: Jari Luoma and his team.


Guide-balloons are placed in the park for navigation.

The terrain in the park is uneven and there are gutters on the ground. Effort has been made to place stalls and accessible toilets with obstacle-free access.

One of the accessible toilets are right at the entrance of the park (the park is entered at Rauhankatu). The two other accessible toilets are close to the friendship statue, a little closer to the art museum. Accessible toilets are marked with guide-balloons.

The Leningrad and Turku friendship statue (Leningradin ja Turun ystävyyspatsa) has a flat area which is reserved for wheelchair users and their companions. The statue has a good overlook of the stage and is located with good auditive connection to the stage, which is located at the bottom of the hill near the playground. The area is marked off with a rainbow themed disabled sign and with “VIP only” tape.

Speeches are sign interpreted. The sign interpreters come from Osuuskunta Vai & Oiva oy.

The park uses an induction loop. The presenter will show the area of the loop right at the beginning of the Park party. Turku Pride’s info tent also has a service point loop.

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