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Autumn meeting 5.11 at 3pm

As a member of the board you can influence how Turku Pride 2023 will be arranged. At the autumn meeting on the 5.11. at 3pm, the board will be elected for next year. Before the autumn meeting begins, you have the opportunity to come and ask questions and discuss the board’s work at 2 to 3pm. Send an e-mail to [email protected] and tell us a little about yourself. The autumn meeting will be held at the premises of the Turku Seta association, at Ursininkatu 11 lh 54.

Arrival and availability information:

The living room of Turku Seta is located on the first floor of the office building. The front door leads directly to the premises. You can enter through the front door via a ramp. The front door’s maximum width is approx. 142 cm and the front door has a narrow threshold of approx. 3 cm.

An approx. 112 cm wide corridor leads into the premises. The toilet is unisex, its door is approx. 91 cm. The storage door is approx. 72 cm, the doors to the other rooms are approx. 81 cm. Indoors, each door has a threshold that is approx. 1 cm in length.

Arrival: The office is located at the address Ursininkatu 11 lh 54. The entrance can be found around the corner on the left side of Happy House. A large bush partially causes a visual obstruction. A short paved path leads to the front door. The door is generally locked, you enter by pressing the doorbell. The logo of the Turku Seta association is visible on the door.

On foot or by bike: If you are coming from Yiopistonkatu from the direction of the market-square, turn right at the intersection on Ursininkatu. If you are coming to Yliopistonkatu from the direction of Koulukatu, cross the road and turn left at the intersection on Ursininkatu. From Puutarhakatu, turn to Usininkatu (in the direction of Aurajoki) and choose the lane that runs alongside the church.

You can get to the meeting by bus by stopping at Koulukatu 206 (Line 12 and 221) from the direction of the market-square. From the direction of Port Arthur, stop at Koulukatu 172 (Line 12 and 221).

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