Accessibility information: Manilla

The inner yard of the Manilla factory has one disabled parking bay.

The yard and ramp to the entrance are paved. The ground is flat around the parking space, but the road to the yard is moderately steep and has no handrails.

The ramp to the entrance has dual handrails (at the heights of 90 and 67 cm), and is approximately 40 m long. Note: The ramp is initially slightly steeper and turns sharply to the left.

The handrails end about two meters from the entrance, and the ground here is somewhat uneven.

The entry door opens outwards (handle on the left) and is relatively light. The door is 74 cm wide, but the second door can also be opened to double the width.

The inner door is lightweight, and opens inwards (handle on the left). This is also a double door.

There is a 2.5 cm threshold at the door, and a small gap between the threshold and the ramp to the lobby.

The lobby ramp (7Ā°) is the same width as the double doors, and it has handrails (90 cm) on both sides. The ramp’s handrails start beyond the opening width of the double doors.

The accessible entrance to the studio can be reached by continuing straight along the corridor to the Tehdas theater, and taking the last door on the left (at the very end of the corridor).

The door is 84 cm wide, and slightly heavier. It opens outward toward the exterior wall (handle on the left). It has a very low threshold that is in line with a small ramp inside (6.6Ā°).

It may be worth noting that there is a second door to the left of the entrance that also opens outwards.

There is an accessible toilet in the lobby.

ypically, in our events, people sit on the floor, but this is not a requirement for participation or for tying ā€“ seats are available.

There are no flashing lights at the event, and any music will be at a low volume.

The use of strong perfumes is not allowed.

Assistants and interpreters are of course also welcome, and they are naturally not expected to pay. An assistant may also assist with self-tying if necessary.

We use rules for safer spaces, and these are read aloud at the beginning of the event.

If you have any other accessibility needs or further accessibility questions, you can contact us by email at turkupeerrope(at)

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